Christian Values

Christian Values

Rothersthorpe CE Primary School Mission statement:

To help all children develop respect for themselves and each other, to become increasingly responsible for their own actions and to be aware of and sensitive to the needs of others.

Everyone is valued as an individual - 'Love your neighbour, as yourself' (Mark 12:31)

At Rothersthorpe we teach all the Christian Values over a 3 year cycle.

Wisdom: Knowledge and Understanding (thoughts, words and actions)

Hope:  Faith, Love and Aspirations

Koinonia (Fellowship): Relationships and Community

Reverence: Awe, Respect and Dignity

Thankfulness: At the heart of Christian worship

Humility: Discovering the truth about ourselves - Living a Humble life

Endurance: Patience, Perseverence and Self-control

Service: Generosity and Serving those in need

Compassion: Remembering those less fortunate than ourselves

Trust: At the heart of all relationships

Peace: Wellbeing

Forgiveness: Our sins to be forgiven

Friendship: The key concept in the Christian framework

Justice: Acting upon what is right

Creation: Responsibility for our world

See our monthly school newsletters and blog for further information regarding our half termly Christian value focus.