Head's Blog

9th November 2018

Our football team played a very good match on Thursday against Towcester Primary on our school field. Our team displayed some great passing skills and perseverance. The score was 8-5 to Towcester, who were a strong team. Well done to everyone who played. Thank you to Gavin from GLK for being the referee for the game.

Our Y5/6 strictly dance team are practising their Tango and Jive for the competition at the Derngate on Saturday 1st December. They are working really hard - Keep Dancing!

All the poppies that our children have made are now displayed in the Church. So far we have 23 children and 27 parents attending Remembrance Service this Sunday, plus villagers, regular church goers and the Uniform Services. Thank you for such a good response and I look forward to seeing you at the service.