Finland Day One


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Teaching and Learning

  • Evaluation of values and best practice from UK schools. Networking and sharing with other schools from UK and Romania.
  • Finnish education - 2000 applications last year for teacher training with 800 places available. A well respected profession based on trust and autonomy. One teaching union -  98% of teachers join. No school rankings. 
  • New Curriculum in Finland August 2016. Ethos - 'Developing as a human being and as a citizen'.  Big focus on pupils' reflecting and evaluating their own learning.  Topic led approach rather than subjects. Enterprise initiatives In school. 

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Facts about Joensuu 

  • Joensuu is the capital of Finland's eastern most province in North Karelia.
  • The city was established by Czar Nikolai I of Russia in 1848.
  • Joensuu is close to the Russian border and 400km to Helsinki.
  • The city has excellent waterways stretching all the way to St Petersburg.
  • It is the centre for trade, culture, education and technology.
  • There are lots of Birch trees.
  • A restaurant called Maritina in Church Street serves wonderful food such as pickles, salad and chicken with goats cheese.